The Road is WIDE Open...

Who's ready to ride?

Let'S eXplore


I remember the first time I got off on M-69 like it was yesterday. Wait that WAS yesterday.

Billy T

I've been waiting my whole life for a chance to go down this road. Bought the shirt, hat, moisture pads & koozies... Let's ride! 

Geoff P

Took a wrong turn on M-69. Ended up getting off multiple times. I will definitely be hittin' that road again and again and again.

Mike L.

I was Southbound on 69 when a giant log crossed my path. I did what I had to do and safely arrived at my destination...twice. 


I wined, I dined, I 69'd.


M-69 turned my frown upside down. 

Debbie D.

HUGE discovery last weekend! The North Pole is actually on M-69. My whole life has been a lie. Wake up people!!